‘don’t let anyone look down on you.’ – aiso, 2014

surgery today. there were almost tears. almost.

doc started us off with a lil pep talk about being different, not in line, being x-men. and it would have been a tearjerker if all of us in that room hadn’t already accepted to ourselves that we were in fact, irregulars. 

for the longest time, i dealt with my failures so poorly. i sulked and wallowed…

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land ho!


the storm is almost over, gents. we only have one more exam to worry about and we’re off to maybe one and a half day of either mad drinking or mad sleeping.

as it is turning out though, i’m realizing that i might not have been that prepared for the exams as i imagined. i double checked answers that just.. weren’t. but then, who will ever be that prepared? at one point i’ve considered,…

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